raised bed gardening questions

Here are the answers to the most common question we get asked. you may have other questions. Go ahead and ask us. We will get you an answer.

On Raised Garden Beds

Plants grow better and bigger in raised bed gardens. They have superior drainage, warmer temperatures and fewer weeds than ground gardens. The soil is easy to work and does not get as compacted. Raised bed gardening is easier on the gardener’s body. It prevents back pain and injury from bending and squatting.

On Vinyl Raised Garden Beds

Vinyl garden boxes are quicker and easier to build and have very little maintenance. A raised garden bed made from wood may cost less but takes much more effort and skill to build and maintain.

The potential cost savings of using wood vary from person to person. It is greatest for experienced individuals with easy access to tools and supplies. Buying material for a cedar box is roughly 60-70% of the price of buying one of our kits. (Remember to add a liner to stop the wood from leeching harmful chemicals into your soil.) Saws, drills, sanders and other power tools are needed. Constructing it will average 3-4 hours. Painting or staining it will take another few hours. Resurfacing the planter will be necessary in future years. The wood will also be subject warping, twisting and splintering.

Our vinyl garden box kits install in 30-45 minutes. One does not need any experience. The kit and a screwdriver are enough. Our raised planters will outlast a cedar box under the same conditions. They continue to look great without maintenance or touch-ups. The extra cost is well worth the convenience and durability of our products.

Vinyl is completely safe for growing vegetables, fruits or flowers. It does not leach chemicals into the soil.

The vinyl we use contains a titanium dioxide additive (non-chalking) and ultraviolet inhibitors. It is well protected from the harmful effects of the sun’s UV rays. We recommend spraying the outside walls when watering. Keeping it clean will keep it from discolouring.

The rails and posts may shrink or expand with temperature changes. The garden bed will remain unaffected since the rails are free to move within the post rail slots.

The vinyl used in our garden beds can handle extreme changes in temperature. It has impact modifiers built in for this purpose. It will become less flexible in the cold but unless subjected to unusual impact, it will not break or crack. Contact us for replacement parts if this should happen.

Vinyl garden beds have a bad reputation for being flimsy. We made sure to address this issue head-on. Our kits use 2″ x 6″ side rails, reinforced by internal cross-pieces. We chose a think outer wall (0.087″) for extra rigidity. If that isn’t enough for you, we also offer aluminium inserts. We have left no reason for concern. Our raised vinyl garden beds resist bowing and bending.

Note: Please contact us if you are looking for the aluminium inserts.

On Our DIY Vinyl Raised Garden Bed Kits

There are cheaper vinyl raised garden beds or elevated planters available. We use the word cheaper because they are cheaper quality as well as price. Why buy a vinyl garden bed that falls apart or looks less than acceptable after a year or two? Our raised vinyl garden beds will look as good in 10 years as they do the day you install them. They are UV resistant and will now bow, break, yellow, chalk or peel like others will. Don’t forget, we include a limited lifetime warranty against yellowing, chalking and more!

Our 4’x8′ two-tier garden boxes are 12” on the lower side and 18” on the higher side. The 4’x4′ garden boxes are 12” deep. The boxes have no bottoms. This means that when you install the box, you can place it on soil if you want a deeper garden. For example, a 12″ deep garden box placed on top of 12″ deep of soil brings the total depth to 24″.

We currently carry our vinyl in a bright white finish. In Spring 2018, we will carry three more options for colour: Grey, Tan and Adobe.

Our raised vinyl garden box kits are pre-cut and routed to install in a short amount of time. The average person can install the garden box in 30-45 minutes. Digging 6” holes for each post takes much of that time. After that, you only need is a Robertson screwdriver to fasten the rail tie into place.

We do not do installs but have provided detailed instructions in each package. We will have an installation video on our website very soon. These kits are simple to put together.

On Warranties & Returns

We offer a Limited Lifetime Warranty on the raised vinyl garden beds.

We don’t see any reason why you couldn’t disassemble the garden box and move it to a new location. Be careful not to damage the box during the relocation process and void your warranty. You may want to leave the boxes installed for new owners to enjoy and have a new one delivered to your new place.

Yes. If you are unsatisfied with your garden bed for whatever reason, return it for a full refund. Buyer to pay return shipping. Product must be in new condition and not previously installed. You have 14 days to return the products for a full refund. If your item was damaged before when it arrived, contact us for further instructions.

On Sales & Shipping

We currently accept most major credit cards. PayPal users can also pay out of their PayPal or linked bank accounts.

We are an online store only and have no physical storefront. We ship out of Saskatoon, Canada.

We do not have a storefront or pick-up location. We can arrange to meet you at a mutually convenient location for delivery. Please note any special instructions at the time of sale. We will contact you to arrange delivery/pick up after the order is ready to go out.

Our largest garden bed comes in three packages. The heaviest and longest being 42lbs and 48″ (4ft) and will fit in the back seat of most compact cars.

We ship coast to coast, throughout Canada and the continental United States.

Our products are shipped via Purolator, UPS or Canada Post (depending on location). Even our largest garden bed fits in the back seat of most cars.

4’x8′ Garden Bed = 3 packages
2 packages = 48″x6″x18″ @ 42lbs/each
1 package = 24″x15″x10″ @ 23lbs